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 Weaning tips: these are some interesting weaning tips

  • Change the routine. Have Dad take over the bedtime or nursing-time tasks that Mom formerly handled (dressing, reading stories).
  • Take the weaning child for a long car ride at nursing time.
  • Introduce a "transition object"-a toy, lullaby tape or book, for example-at 12 to 15 months, so the baby learns to associate something besides nursing with going to sleep. This will make it much easier to wean your baby.
  • Set the scene -Put a routine in place for mealtimes. Ensure your baby is well supported in a comfortable highchair; they should be able to topple over or wobble around.
  • Before Wiping -Encourage your little one to lick away any food from around the mouth. This is good way to get your baby’s tongue and mouth working towards swallowing effectively and developing tongue and mouth muscles for talking.
  • Have Fun -Encourage your baby to have fun and play with food, experiment with mashing, squashing, licking and squeezing. These activities will encourage your baby to taste and enjoy their food and learn new flavours.
  • Eat Together -Sit with your baby at mealtimes and eat together. Let them share your plate and taste your food. 
  • Two Courses - Offer your baby both a savoury and sweet course. This is a great way to encourage your baby to try a wide range of tastes and textures and provides lots of variety for your baby whilst keeping it interesting.
  • Trust Mother Nature - The gag reflex is further forwards in babies mouth than in adults. If their food slips towards the back of their mouths they will cough it up. They will do this frequently while learning to eat solid foods.This will encourage your baby to self-feed, whilst also encouraging development of fine motor skills and hand eye o-ordination. It also removes the possibility of choking in a small child.
  • Lots of Veggies - Let baby enjoy the real taste of vegetables.
  • Continue Milk Feeds -Whichever way you decide to wean, either breastmilk or formula milk should continue alongside solid food as it still provides most of the nutrients your baby needs – as the amount of food your baby eats increases, the amount of milk they take will decrease.
  • How Much? - Let your baby decide when they’ve had enough, rather than encouraging them to clear their plates. .
  • Don’t Give Up -Try, try and try again! It can take up to 20 attempts before a baby learns to like a new food.

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