Potty training

Potty Training  

Potty training can be initiated between 18-36 months of age.  

Ready for Potty Training?

You may be mentally prepared to teach your kid, but is your kid ready for potty training? All children are different and some end up being emotionally and physically ready before others. Honestly, it really doesn’t matter when your child is ready and it is surely nothing to worry about if your child start later than the other children.

Here are a few signs to look out for that will help you tell if your child is ready for potty training:

  • They might want to talk about other children going to the toilet
  • They get curious whenever you visit the bathroom
  • They might discuss about the need for a wee or a poo
  • They start squatting and pulling down their pants

If your child is ready to graduate from nappies to potty, don’t delay it. It is not as haunting or as stressful as some people make it sound like. However, you would need to give extra thought towards hygiene in order to maintain a safe and healthy environment for your family in order to prevent spread of germs and bacteria. That means, you have to make sure that their potty, bathroom taps, toilet flush, seat, areas around the potty and toilet seat, are regularly cleaned and disinfected.

Potty training tips

For a good amount of time, your child is used to being in their nappy uninterrupted while playing and watching TV. They don’t want to miss out on the fun when the potty training starts, so the least you can do is make the process exciting for them.

  • Start with letting your kids choose the color of their potty – it is theirs!
  • Decorate the potty so that they feel it is special
  • Take them to the loo along with you and explain to them what is happening
  • Make flushing fun
  • Add a dash of magic to hand hygiene with  Liquid Hand Wash
  • Store some toys or books near the potty and encourage them to stay there longer. Make sure these items are easily cleanable so you can avoid the spread of germs
  • Appreciate your kid whenever they do a wee or poo in their potty
  • Introduce pants designed for potty training which will help them get used to pulling their own pants up and down

Hygiene for hands and home

Potty training does not happen in an instance. Every child is different and for some it can be a slower journey than it is for others. Either way, it’s the best time to teach your child one of the basics of hand hygiene, explaining them what they shouldn’t touch around the toilet and introducing them to the habit of proper hand washing. To stop the spread of germs from a bar of soap, use Liquid Hand Wash – it safeguards you from up to 100 illness causing germs.

Potty training takes a lot of practice and patience. You have to keep your home hygienic by the discipline of cleaning and disinfecting areas immediately (including your child’s potty) to stop the spread of germs and bacteria.

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