When Children Won't Eat Vegetables


When Children Won't Eat Vegetables

Vegetables are very important part of a healthy diet. They provides vitamins, minerals and fibers which are essential for normal growth.Parents often get worried when their child won't eat vegetables. Keep offering different vegetable choices (presented in interesting ways) to your child, but be reassured that many of the necessary vitamins and minerals in vegetables are also in the fruits that your child may eat more willingly. If you are still concerned, then you can change the shape of vegetable serving by offering them vegetable soup, vegetable sandwich, parantha made of vegetables  and vegetable and fruit chat etc.

Tips to encourage your child to eat vegetables:

  1. Persuade your child to eat some (but not all) of what you've put on the plate
  2. tell your child about the health benefits of eating vegetables.
  3. Try reverse psychology. Say something like, "I wouldn't eat that if I were you.
  4. Make up a game so that eating vegetables is more fun.
  5. Hide vegetables in foods your child likes. For instance, put vegetables on pizza or in a casserole.
  6. Make sure the adults set a good example.
  7. Don't make it a big deal. Sometimes the pressure to eat it makes a child leery. They will think of eating certain foods much like being forced medication.
  8. Consider their motivation.
  9. Include your child in the preparation of the foods.
  10. tell your child which vegetables are your favorites, which are favorites of other people they like.
  11. Consider the texture of the foods the child doesn't like.
  12. Try juicing. Juicing is a fun way to get important vegetable nutrients.For the busy parent some vegetable juice blends are available in the produce section. Try different varieties until you find a blend your child likes.
  13. Add minced or grated vegetables to sauces or to other dishes they enjoy.
  14. Help your child to grow a vegetable garden

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