No Rewards for Crying

No Rewards for Crying

Some children are very smart and they use this art of crying for getting rewards and sometimes to impart punishments for their siblings.A rule must be made in family that a child shall not be rewarded for crying.. For example, your child really wants something, and it is refused. Then, your child starts to cry, often very dramatically. As soon as the tears start, the child gives up any negotiating power. Calmly saying, "I'm sorry, we can't even discuss this now," will quickly take the steam out of the crying tactic

Use these strategies — like rewards for good behaviors and consistent consequences for bad behaviors — to stop defiance or negative impulsivity.

1.Spend Unstructured Time Together: Schedule 15 minutes each day with your child, to do whatever he wants to. 

2.Make Praise Immediate and Often:Positive reinforcement is the best behavioral tool, and especially powerful when it comes from a parent

3.Don’t Ask, Tell:Don’t start your requests with “Would you mind?” or finish them with “O.K.?” Instead, make directives clear and succinct: “I notice your coat is on the floor. I’d like you to pick it up.”

4.Insist on Eye Contact When You Talk to Your Child

5.Let Your Children Know (Politely) That They’re Not Your Equals

6.Set Up Consequences Ahead of Time

7.Stick to the Consequences — No Matter What .A parent has to be 100 percent consistent in addressing bad behavior. Otherwise, the behavior may persist or even get worse.

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