Encouraging Your Child

Encouraging Your Child

Our hectic, busy lives often leave us with little time to appreciate the magic of encouragement in our children's development of self-esteem. Positive strokes and expressions of love often are forgotten and replaced with negative reprimands.

Here are some tips to encourage or motivate your child:


1."Let us have fun together": Allow your child to choose an activity and get engaged in it.

2. "Willingness to listen to your child": This instills in a child the feeling of his importance. He becomes more confident and subsequently, learns to express clearly with delight. It doesn't matter what the child is speaking about. Your listening ears motivate your child to share his experiences with you in the future.

3. "Have a conversation with your child": Talking with each other about various interests that both the parent and the child have, even if it means talking about movies or ways of arranging the closet.

4. "Admit your mistake and say I am sorry": When as a parent you are wrong, apologize to your child.

5. "Love your child no matter what": There's nothing most valuable than saying to your child 'I love you' even if he doesn't get good grades or couldn't make it in a sports team. 

6. "Ice-breaking with anger and retaliation": A smile from you, to your angry child, is an ice-breaker for reducing his anger.

7. "Exhibit your child's achievements": Happy child is a confident child and prominently, displaying his small and big achievements at home, to begin with, encourages him to be more hardworking and challenging. Your child will be receptive to attempting new interests and hobbies.

8. Give responsibility and remember to encourage, these are two sides of the same coin.

9. "Feel nostalgic": Create an aura of nostalgia with your kids by examining their previous years of work including certificates, pictures, homework, stories, art and projects.

10. Say good job":  Let him know that he has done a good job, either by hugging, giving thumbs up or treating him to his favorite delicacy.

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